First blog post……….eeeeek!


Well hello there!

I can’t believe I am finally writing my first blog post.

I have wanted to start this for a good year or so, but a) never had the balls and b) I am v lazy. But with the new year and making resolutions, I thought it was about time I stuck to them and created this little space of mine on the internet!
I’m going to share my unhealthy shopping obsession, outfit posts along with some travel, lifestyle and food.

I thought I would start my first blogpost with some of my favourite outfits from 2017 as I really felt like I became more confident in my style last year. Even if people wouldn’t like what I was wearing, or would look twice at me, I felt good enough and confident to rock it!


I wore this outfit when me and my boyfriend Adam were going into town to run a few errands and having lunch. This is a typical casual weekend outfit for me, I like to wear jeans at the weekend as I don’t wear them at work. I’m really into baker boy hats at the minute (mainly because they’re good for hiding greasy hair!) throw in this bargain Primark coat I got in the sale and I think this is a pretty cool outfit (even if I do say so myself).


This outfit has everything I love: pink, ruffles, high waisted denim and a baker boy hat.


I’ll be honest, I was rushing to get ready and threw this outfit together! I got these trousers from H&M sale and knew I wanted to wear them straight away, I tried various blouses and jumpers on but nothing was working, then I spied this NYC Top in the back of my wardrobe, and thought this styled the trousers more casual! I’ve had this fur jacket for years from when I worked at H&M and it just works with everything!


This outfit is what I wore on New Year’s Eve 2016, so my first outfit of 2017! I was in Edinburgh celebrating the new year and it was FREEZING!!! I wanted to be warm but still feel dressy enough as we were having a meal before getting drunk! This post has reminded me to dig it out of my wardrobe again!


I wore this dress when me and my boyfriend Adam went to Chicago for our friends wedding last summer, this was the night of the rehearsal dinner and I can’t honestly tell you how good I felt in this dress. You know when you put something on and feel 100% yourself and confident? This is that dress for me and every girl needs a LBD in her life!


Okay so does this dress remind anyone else of the sassy Spanish lady emoji?! This is what I wore to the wedding in Chicago. My mum actually found me this dress in the Next sale, as soon as I saw it I knew I would love it: red, ruffles and sass, what more could you want?


So this outfit may be a bit quirky and loud for some people (much like me!) but I love it. I wore this for one of my besties wedding do’s and I felt so sassy! I love the clash of the bright pink trousers with the tropical print on the top, throw in some sassy shades and you’re onto a winner.


Last but no least we have this outfit I wore for going out for some food (loose dress = more food right?!) I got this fake leather pinafore from Zara sale for a fiver (did I mention I love a bargain?) I love the bottle green shade of it, as usually these types of dresses are black. I got this blouse from Primark and I love the clash of the yellow with the outfit, I decided to keep my boots and tights simple!

So there we have a round up of some of my fave outfits from 2017, I hope you have enjoyed looking back with me.

Also, thank you if you’ve read this far, I really hope this will be a project that grows and people love it as much as I love creating it!

Speak soon babes with a second post, and in the meantime check out my instagram Here.

Love Bex x